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If you’ve come to this page, there’s a good chance you’re wondering … “is this guy really worth my time and attention?

The answer is “yes”, and “no”.

For the simple reason I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.

If you’re looking for an ordinary, run-of-the-mill, “cookie-cutter” agent, I’m not your guy.

As it says on the front page of this site … “I help Auckland homeowners achieve superior selling results by crafting bespoke, breakthrough marketing campaigns proven to position their property, top-of-mind with buyers”.

When it comes to agents, I’m not-the-norm, but that’s what gives me, my clients and my clients properties an advantage in the market. In fact, my marketing campaigns are proven to generate up to 10x more market exposure, and enquiry.

I was born in rural Central Hawkes Bay, 1966 … and was a farm boy for the first 10 years of my life.

After failing at school (I hated it, except for music. I passed everything to do with music), I trained as a hairdresser, mostly in Sydney, Australia, and was bloody good at it.

At the pinnacle of my 30 year hairdressing career, I owned and managed a salon with an ever-growing team of team of stylists and beauty therapists who serviced a loyal and loving clientele at Takapuna Beach, on Auckland’s North Shore.

30 years behind the chair helping people look and feel their best teaches you a lot about life and what’s important. Yes, it’s true. We become “therapists” in the process.

Funny … without prompting, many of my clients said to me “Tim, you’d be an amazing Real Estate Agent”.

I have a love for music. Singing, song writing and live performance. I’ve had the privilege of belting out songs to audiences as small as 5, and as large as 15,000 people.

The #1 golden rule of showbusiness is “give the audience what they want and leave them wanting more”.

When selling your home, it’s no different …

The audience your property attracts knows exactly what they’re looking for, and if your agent can’t deliver on marketing, presentation and communication, you’re looking down the barrel of lost buyers, money and time.


Your home should be marketed the same way concert tour promoters like Frontier Touring or Michael Coppel promote international touring artists like Adele and Bruce Springsteen, because your home is always the star of the show.

Your agent is the arranger, producer, director and promoter of that show, and determines whether you win the Grammy, or Academy Award, or both.

Do they have the chops to make your show a “sell-out”, or will it be “Show Cancelled – due to lack of ticket sales”?

Schedule a one-hour Custom Marketing Strategy Session with me and I’ll explain my process; how and why I’m different to every other agent and why this helps you get to where you’re going in life, faster, with a fatter wallet.

I’m the sort of person who believes that to get what you want in life, you have to help a lot of people get what they want first, and I’m at my best when doing so.

Let me help you …

Stay tuned.


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