I help homeowners get their dream selling price by exploiting the untapped fortune that lies hidden in their property.

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Once upon a time … Real Estate Agents showed up to your home, asked you to sign their agency agreement, put a sign in the front yard, showed a few people through, gave out a few brochures and eventually sold your property.

Those days are gone.

It’s no longer acceptable to just “sell the house.”

The role of Real Estate Agents has evolved.

Your agent should demonstrate upfront, their ability to craft a winning campaign strategy, to showcase and present your home on-stage and in the spotlight, in a category of one, where there’s no perceived competition or price limit.

Positioning your home to debut at “#1 on the Real Estate charts”.

This is Show Time.

The Agent who understands and implements this concept has the power to exponentially increase the happiness of your family, and the wealth of your family empire.

Let me show you how …


Tim Webb Agent
“Tim takes an enormous amount of pride in his work and is absolutely out to do the best job he can in order to maximise the market potential of your property. 

We could not recommend Tim more highly to help you buy or sell a property. You will really enjoy the process and one of the best things you will take away is that you have met a thoroughly decent human being.” Jim Boyden

Birkdale, Auckland

“If you are looking for an agent to sell your home, choose Tim Webb. Just do it! He is keen, so very personable, real, empathetic, energetic, visionary and dedicated. 

Tim is the guy who will go the extra mile to make your dreams come true. Let him help you achieve your dreams, you won’t regret it!” Sarah Thomson

Beach Haven, Auckland

“I find Tim to be highly professional, scrupulous in his honesty and integrity and an entirely pleasant fellow to work with. He achieved multiple offers and a top market price in just a few days.

I would highly recommend Tim as first choice when it comes to trusting an agent to work hard for you and get the right result! What a bloody lovely man to have on your team.” Brian Mearns

Beach Haven, Auckland

“Simply put, Tim has been excellent and I would recommend him to anyone. He has been a welcome balance of enthusiastic, excited, measured and professional.

At no time did he mismanage expectations, over promise and he never under delivered. Tim is a superb ambassador for the brand, and your office. Thanks for everything again, we are ecstatic.” Craig Sims

Glenfield, Auckland

Every property marketing campaign provides feedback, good and bad, meaning there are almost always lessons to be learned, and insights gained.

Get “The Moral Of The Story” to gain insights on what works, and what doesn’t in a really overcrowded and traditionally bland marketing space.

“Tim’s in publicity. That’s his whole purpose in life. If you sell homes, you’ve got to get publicity. It’s the same for anyone who’s in business. If anything goes wrong with your job Tim, let me know. You can come and write copy for me.”  ~ Leighton Smith – NewstalkZB

Stay tuned.


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