“Rock The House: How To Attract And Engage An Audience Of Cashed Up, Pre-Sold Home Buyers Who WANT To Pay You More”

“I Dress To Kill, But Tastefully.” ~ Freddie Mercury

So, how do you attract an audience of cashed up pre-sold buyers who want to pay you more for your property?

The quote by Freddie Mercury says it’s all, but let me break it down for you …


How do I get buyer’s attention?


How do I engage buyers?


How do I present my home?

Rock The House.

Rock The House describes in detail how I go about getting the top 3 to 5 buyers who WANT to pay more for your home than anyone else.

The #1 commodity in today’s world of marketing, is attention.

How do we get the attention of those top 3 to 5 buyers?

Engage them by giving them what they want and leaving them wanting more.

We undergo a detailed, step by step, online and offline attention-grabbing process that wows your audience.

It’s just like showcasing and promoting Queen in concert at Wembley.

Listen … if you’ve found an agent who is talented enough to carve a canyon through the jungle of marketing noise, and gets your property top of mind with your audience, then you should hang on to them.

They’re Gold.

If not, order your copy of my book titled Rock The House today, because it literally has the power to transform the sale price of your home by tens of thousands of dollars.

Just click on the book or CLICK HERE and you’ll be taken to an order page.

Because, you are not selling your house.

You are showcasing and presenting your home, on-stage and under lights in a category of one, where there’s no perceived competition or price limit.

There really is a MASSIVE difference.

What My Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from me. My clients to do the talking!

“I find Tim to be highly professional, scrupulous in his honesty and integrity and an entirely pleasant fellow to work with. He achieved multiple offers and a top market price in just a few days.

I would highly recommend him as first choice when it comes to trusting an agent to work hard for you and get the right result!  What a bloody lovely man to have on your team.”

Brian Mearns

Island Bay Road - Beach Haven

“Previous experience with another real estate company had left us in a very negative state of mind.

Tim’s optimism inspired us to snap back into action and think of what we could do to improve the saleability.

This change in attitude on our part was pivotal in the final result and the price achieved at Auction surpassed our expectations.”

Dee Castleton-Reid

Hadfield Street - Beach Haven

“I would recommend Tim because he nails the marketing campaign better than anybody.

He goes above and beyond what he promises to achieve for you.

He has very high standards in preparation, because he understands what people will like.

Best of all, he doesn’t “BS” you.”

Greg & Kay Longstaff

Sandspit Road - Shelly Park

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