“You get on stage and make other people happy. Make them feel good”.

Keith Richards – The Rolling Stones

About Tim Webb ...

If you’re looking for average, look elsewhere.

If you’re looking for an agent that does unique, extraordinary and fun marketing campaigns, that deliver remarkable results, you found him.

I think my Facebook profile sums me up well.

“I am Tim Webb. Man, Scorpio, Father, Husband, Lover, Muso, Performer, Author, Bloke, Presenter, Marketer, Friend.”

Performance has always been a strong part of my DNA.

And I started at an early age. I’ve done plays, operatic shows, musicals, TV commercials, but what I love most, is to sing.


It’s my favourite music genre. Always will be.

Think Satisfaction by the Stones, Yellow by Coldplay, Highway to Hell by AC/DC, Born To Run by Springsteen and Where The Streets Have No Name by U2.

All instantly recognisable songs from instantly recognisable bands, who all share a gift.

These bands are marketing geniuses because they have all mastered the art of attracting an audience, keeping their audience long-term, and they always leave their audience wanting more.


Imagine creating only a smidgeon of that sort attention for your home.


I’ve spent many years on stage in various rock cover bands, but not so long ago, I was performing at a Takapuna pub, and this bloke came up to me after a set and said… “Man, you put your heart and soul into what you do … you do it from the heart, and it really shows.”

Of all the compliments I’ve ever received, this one meant the most because he understood deep down what I’m about. He knows that when I’m on-stage, I’m giving 100%.

I’m giving the audience what they want, and leaving them wanting more.

This is the #1 rule of showbusiness, and it applies to selling your home.

I have a gift that allows me to cut through all other Real Estate marketing, and get your home top of mind in the market, and I do this by crafting a unique, engaing and memorable campaign, and utilising every offline and online stage or platform I can find, from which to launch your campaign.

To not reach every corner of the market is to leave money on the table. We’ve got one shot to secure the result you want.

Call me right now on 027 254 6616. I know for a fact you’ll be surprised at what I can offer.

“Tim is more than just a real estate agent …”


“When it comes to selling your house, he’s your absolute best friend.

No kidding, the man pulls out more stops than an Adam Gilchrist highlights reel. If there’s a more positive man on the planet I haven’t met him and nothing, I repeat nothing is a problem too large or too small.

For us, living in the South Island, we were nervous about how we would sell our Auckland home without physically being there. So many jobs to get done at the property to get her ready for sale and a lot of tidying up to do after some messy tenants had left the place in a state. Tim took over and we just sat back and watched while tradesman were hired, gardeners were put to work, cleaners were brought in, neighbours were kept in the loop and all manner of neighbourhood kids, dogs & cats were treated to a joke, a smile, or a pat. The end result was so amazing we even wished we could move back in ourselves!

Tim takes an enormous amount of pride in his work and is absolutely out to do the best job he can in order to maximise the market potential of your property. He has an extensive network of people he can call on to get any type of job done from professional tradespeople for last minute renovations, through to celebrity cricketers to help with promotional videos.

We could not recommend Tim more highly to help you buy or sell a property. You will really enjoy the process and one of the best things you will take away is that you have met a thoroughly decent human being.”

Carmen & Jim Boyden – Nelson

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Why Me?

I’ll be completely honest … I have an agenda. If we’re completely honest, we all do, but in a nutshell, here’s mine …

I am the best Auckland Real Estate agent to stage, showcase and sell your property because I do bold and unique campaigns that generate the lions share of attention in an overcrowded marketplace. I will showcase and present your home on-stage and in the spotlight, in a category of one, where there’s no perceived competition or price limit, because that’s what I love to do. It’s what I do best, and I can prove it.

A while back I did some digging on personality profiles. I wanted to find out a little more on the inner workings of “moi”, so I took a profile test at WealthDynamics.comTurns out I’m a “Star” profile. I can tell you, it fits 100% with who I am. You can learn more about my personality profile, the Star profile HERE, but in brief, if you need an agent to shine a marketing beacon of light on your home in a sea of marketing noise, I’m your bloke.

Bottom line is this. No one will showcase and present your home to the market like I will. And believe me, showcasing and presenting your home to market is the most important process of any Real Estate marketing campaign. No buyers. No sale. Even worse … No buyers, no competition, no premium sale price, no sale.

Marketing and selling your home boils down to an on-stage battle between your property and every other property for sale in your suburb. You’ve simply got to have a performance advantage in you want to win. This means you need an agent who is going to make your property outshine, and outperform every other property in your suburb.

That person happens to be me, and I guarantee my service.

“An amazing result from an amazing agent…what more could a seller ask for!

The service delivered and result gained through marketing and selling with Tim was exceptional. The initial preparation-for-sale advice after viewing the property was completely achievable for us in an acceptable timeframe, so we immediately felt relaxed and confident in Tim’s hands.

His marketing plan was innovative, the advertising copy eye-catching and thoughtfully constructed, resulting in the open homes (in spite of indifferent weather) being very well attended, and his follow-up to potential interested parties was most impressive, culminating in an auction with several keen bidders.

Tim’s professionalism and outstanding service came naturally — with no pressure, plenty of information and great guidance. We felt that he always wanted the best result for us and his open and honest manner leaves us in no doubt that we would recommend his service to others.”

Helen Drummond and Tom Beran – 3/12A Sanders Avenue – Takapuna