Meet Tim Webb

North Shore Real Estate Agent

“I learned how important it is to entertain people, and give them a reason to come and watch you play.” ~ Elvis Presley

From The Desk Of Tim Webb: “There was a time when Real Estate agents showed up to your house, asked you to sign their agency agreement, put a sign in the front yard, showed a few people through, gave out a few brochures, and with any luck, sold your property.

Those days are gone.

Now, it’s about “Showtime”. Giving your audience what they want, and leaving them wanting more.

More specifically, how your agent prepares, presents and showcases your home, along with increasing “value perception” by creating an eye-catching advantage over the competition, and the ability to almost instantly attract and engage an audience of buyers, “pre-sold” on buying your property.”

“Without exception, every buyer is seeking their dream, their vision, their story … their own unique and special place to call home. This is why your home must always be showcased and promoted to convey more than just “3 bedrooms, a lounge, dining room and kitchen”.

Buyers are seeking their new home, not a new house.

Making this connection part of any buyer’s reality is very much to your advantage when marketing your property, because perception is reality. Creating an emotional connection manifests strong emotional desire, and this has the power to dramatically increase the “value perception” each buyer interprets and pays, for your property.”


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“We Were Impressed …”

“In marketing our home, Tim proved to us he was prepared to do whatever it took to get the attention of prospective purchasers.

He’s warm, enthusiastic and not afraid to laugh at himself. This is tempered with a willingness to take on our own suggestions and ideas.

We have no hestitation in recommending Tim Webb.”


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